The History of George E Jack Elementary School

George E. Jack graduated from Bates College in 1910. He started his teaching career working for School Union #8 (now called Maine School Administrative District #6) as a principal in Hollis, Maine(1912-1917). He became superintendent in 1920. Dedicated to education, he organized both the land purchase and building plans for a new school in Standish, Maine. The land, located in the center of Standish, was purchased from the Marrett family. On May 7, 1951, ground was broken for the new school that would replace the seven existing rural elementary schools in the area. Unfortunately, Jack's death in 1951 prevented him from witnessing the completion of the project. The school was officially named George E. Jack Elementary School on December 30, 1951 in his memory.

Mr Jack was a truly dedicated man. It showed in his life and his love for people of all ages. A conscientious man, he would work or be at a meeting until the early hours of the morning but managed to be up at six-o'clock and ready for the first phone call of the day. Even on below zero days with unplowed roads, he was ready to go to schools wherever needed. To do this, he would hitch up his horse and sleigh and, after bundling under a buffalo robe with a lighted lantern, he would arrive at his destination.

When George E. Jack School first opened, enrollment was two hundred seventy-six students, grades one through eight. Now, it is one of nine elementary schools located in M.S.A.D. #6, which also includes the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Limington and Frye Island. M.S.A.D #6 has become the second largest school district in Maine. George E. Jack Elementary School has a 1997 enrollment of one hundred twenty-four fourth graders and one hundred twenty fifth graders.

Contributing authors: Donna Malarsie and Cathie Bunk, 1997


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